Methods and Strategies for the Revitalization of Uptown Hamel

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Methods and Strategies for the Revitalization of Uptown Hamel

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Medina’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan identifies Uptown Hamel as an area for redevelopment. The City developed key objectives for this redevelopment and was interested in determining how the community vision aligns with these objectives. The main areas of focus were Uptown Hamel’s building design, land use, and pedestrian accessibility. The recommendations for Uptown Hamel’s revitalization suggest Medina work on creating a pedestrian connectivity plan; write design guidelines that create a cohesive feel in the area through limiting scale and suggested material use; and continue community engagement as they move forward with the process. We think it is important that the City invest in infrastructure including pedestrian connectivity, branding, and street accessories in order to create a gathering space that attracts future businesses and restaurants. To reach these recommendations, in-person and online community engagement activities were designed to understand the community vision and inform recommendations for future community engagement, design guidelines, and zoning code. Most of the participants were vocal in their desires for a more active and pedestrian-friendly Uptown Hamel. The participants also had a strong desire to maintain the historic feel of the area by ensuring the both building façades and color palettes are appropriate. There are many resources available to the City of Medina as they work towards attaining these goals and continuing to work with the community is their most valuable asset.


Capstone paper for the fulfillment of the Master of Urban and Regional Planning degree.

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de Alcuaz, Ally; Cutrufello, Mary; Kieser, Nick; Molasky, Katriona; Page, Katie. (2019). Methods and Strategies for the Revitalization of Uptown Hamel. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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