Crow Wing County’s Lakeshore Impervious Coverage Research Project

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Crow Wing County’s Lakeshore Impervious Coverage Research Project

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The purpose of the 2012 impervious coverage research project was to determine the amount of impervious surfaces on lakeshore parcels for parcels on lakes over 1000 acres in size. The percent impervious was calculated for the entire riparian lot. The percent impervious was also calculated within 250 feet and 500 feet of the riparian lot. The percent of impervious surfaces was calculated using high resolution Lidar and aerial photography in ESRI’s ArcMap software. The final product of the impervious coverage study is a comprehensive Geographic Information System (GIS) layer of different surfaces and a calculation of the percent impervious by parcel on the selected lakes. This will help Crow Wing County in its water planning efforts, especially in regards to the effects of stormwater management. It will also help with determining what land use performance standards may be needed for future permit applicants.

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Prepared in partnership with Crow Wing County Land Services Department by the Community Assistantship Program (CAP), which is administered by the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) at the University of Minnesota.

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Backes, Robert. (2012). Crow Wing County’s Lakeshore Impervious Coverage Research Project. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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