Michigan White Pine Smelter

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Michigan White Pine Smelter

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Trees has been known to absorb mercury (Hg) through its roots from the soil or injuries caused by insects. Trees also absorb atmospheric Hg through foliar stomata and its subsequent translocation. Michigan White Pine Smelter is known produce atmospheric Hg while it was in operation. White Pine trees are widely grown around that area. While this plantation operated, the annual amount of Hg released varied. In our research, we measured the amount of Hg in the trees surrounding the plantation and compared it to the trees around the trees in Cedar Creek Minnesota. Using the trees’ rings, the samples were cut into different years. We want to test if the amount of Hg per year in the tree samples match up with the amount of Hg that is produced by the plantation that same year.


Additional sponsors: David Bell; Jim Browzwoski; Edward Nater (faculty mentor)

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