Sustainably Application Report

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Sustainably Application Report

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This report provides an overview of the Office of Sustainability's planned project to increase their presence within UMD's "Bulldog Mobile" app by further developing their division of the platform and increasing its functionality and usability. This section mainly focuses on the design specifications. Our client wants the module located on "Bulldog Mobile" created using "MODO". Our client wants the module tiles to pull information from the sustainability website to display within the application and have engaging information to inspire students to get involved. We want to add two tiles, one tile will calculate the carbon footprint and the other will give alternatives on how to reduce the carbon footprint. The client wants the application to be automatically updated if the website is updated.


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B., Ashley; C., Morgan; D., Michael; J., Sophia; R., Doug; W., Zach. (2020). Sustainably Application Report. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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