Circle of Ramsey: Linking People and Landscape Through Greenways

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Circle of Ramsey: Linking People and Landscape Through Greenways

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Resilient Communities Project (RCP), University of Minnesota




This project was completed as part of the 2017-2018 Resilient Communities Project ( partnership with the City of Ramsey. Ramsey has identified several key ecological and recreation corridors that are prime locations to be connected, integrated, and receive public protection. The City’s broader vision, referred to as the “Circle of Ramsey,” employs a strategy to connect key ecological corridors with larger community parks using greenways and trail corridors. The Circle of Ramsey concept has helped to focus discussion about park dedication for new developments and to identify priority trails for construction within the city. To build public support for additional greenway development, students in Dr. Fernando Burga’s Land Use Planning class outlined the health, environmental, and economic benefits of greenways and recreational trails; researched cases studies of successful greenways in other communities; and proposed options for three extensions to the existing greenway that would better serve specific geographic areas of the community. The report concludes with recommendations to the City for moving forward. The students' final report is available.


Poster set completed by students enrolled in PA 5211: Land Use Planning, taught by Fernando Burga in fall 2017.

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This project was supported by the Resilient Communities Project (RCP), a program at the University of Minnesota whose mission is to connect communities in Minnesota with U of MN faculty and students to advance community resilience through collaborative, course-based projects. RCP is a program of the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA). More information at

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