Computing an optimal hatching direction in Layered Manufacturing

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Computing an optimal hatching direction in Layered Manufacturing

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In Layered manufacturing (LM), a prototype of a virtual polyhedral object is built by slicing the object into polygonal layers, and then building the layers one after another. In StereoLithography, a specific LM-technology, a layer is built using a laser which follows paths along equally-spaced parallel lines and hatches all segments on these lines that are contained in the layer. We consider the problem of computing a direction of these lines for which the number of segments to be hatched is minimum, and present an algorithm that solves this problem exactly. The algorithm has been implemented and experimental results are reported for real-world polyhedral models obtained from industry.



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Schwerdt, Jörg; Smid, Michiel; HonChung, Man; Janardan, Ravi. (2001). Computing an optimal hatching direction in Layered Manufacturing. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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