Thor Flight 56



Thor Flight 56

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Adhika, Andrei, Arion, and Will arrived at ACRC at 9 am to run some tests related to the IMU and throttle issue on Thor. A new IMU was installed, and internal filter settings were adjusted. The weather was calm and sunny. The very first flight used the data logger with the 10 extra signals added. It was not able to log the data correctly, so the old data logger was then used. There was also a flight in which the flight computer stopped working correctly after 35 seconds of running. Everything worked smoothly after a second try. Besides these two setbacks, all flight ops ran smoothly. The fourth flight (56) consisted of multiple landing patterns without touching down. The internal IMU filter was set to a bandwidth cutoff frequency of around 16 Hz. The EKF filtered flight data was not accurate yet again. The software used was the same as flight 53, except the " Send command" lines 68:70 were uncommented, and the Internal Digital Filter bandwidth setup was "command[0] = 0xB804; Cutoff 16 Hz". Flight 56 tested the EKF filter using IMU internal filter cutoff frequency at 16 Hz Rx data: A028, L048, F000, H000 Thor Flight 56

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