SULIS: Sustainable Urban Landscape Information Series—Design

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SULIS: Sustainable Urban Landscape Information Series—Design

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SUSTAINABILITY AND LANDSCAPE DESIGN discusses the major considerations that need to be incorporated into a landscape design if a sustainable landscape is to be the outcome. Landscape functionality, cost effectiveness, and environmental impacts are a few of the items discussed. THE BASE PLAN describes how information is gathered, compiled and used in the development of a landscape design. How to conduct an interview, carry out a site survey and site analysis, and how to use information collected from counties, municipalities and developers are some of the topics discussed. THE LANDSCAPE DESIGN SEQUENCE explains the essential steps to create a sustainable landscape design. The design sequence includes the creation of bubble diagrams, concept plans, and draft designs THE COMPLETED LANDSCAPE DESIGN describes the transition from a draft to the completed landscape design. Important principles and elements of design are defined. Examples of how each is used in the development of a sustainable design are included.


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