Imidation of silyl enol ethers using a new hypervalent iodine reagent

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Imidation of silyl enol ethers using a new hypervalent iodine reagent

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Hypervalent iodine compounds have been known for their remarkable reactivity as powerful reagents in the field of organic chemistry. They present a class of compounds that are typically benign when compared to their metal containing counterparts and also allow ease of handling. The focus of this research has been to find a new way to produce an imide transfer reaction using hypervalent iodine reagents. Two new reagents were discovered during the process and one was chosen as the focus reagent for the imide transfer. Optimized conditions were found to produce the functional group transfer using the novel mu-oxo type reagent with good yields, which varied depending on the starting substrate. The desired products from the reaction are important because some of the compounds have found possible application in the treatment of certain diseases. This research presents an interesting look into a relatively undeveloped area of hypervalent iodine chemistry.



University of Minnesota Master of Science thesis. August 2014. Major: Chemistry. Advisor: Dr. Viktor Zhdankin. 1 computer file (PDF); x, 114 pages, appendix p. 66-114.

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