Nutrient Management Planner for Minnesota Version 4.0

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Nutrient Management Planner for Minnesota Version 4.0

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University of Minnesota Extension




For use with Windows 7 and Access 2010. This Microsoft Access program is designed to assist in developing an annual field-specific nutrient management plan. However Version 4.0 also contains most forms and information needed to assemble long range strategic nutrient management plans including Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans (CNMP)s. A nutrient management plan is comprised of several components (see Table 1) that provide guidance for making sound management decisions on location, rate, timing, form, and method of nutrient application. Crop recommendations generated by this software program are based upon published information from the University of Minnesota Extension Service and are consistent with the USDA-NRCS-Minnesota 590 (Nutrient Management) Standard. UM recommended field corn N rates assume use of Nitrogen BMPs. The Nutrient Management Planner software can be used for basic crop nutrient management for producers or to develop plans that meet requirements of USDA-NRCS Programs. Additional requirements may need to be complied with for state and local regulations. Nutrient Management Planner was developed jointly by the University of Minnesota Extension Service and the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service


This archival publication may not reflect current scientific knowledge or recommendations. Current information available from the University of Minnesota Extension: A physical copy of the CD is also be located in the University of Minnesota Libraries.

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Blanchet, Kevin; King, Jeff; St. Ores, Jeff; Everett, Leslie; Lewandowski, Ann. (2012). Nutrient Management Planner for Minnesota Version 4.0. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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