GPS FASER Ground 02



GPS FASER Ground 02

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Date: 5/31/12 Location: Mile Drive, Woodbury MN Aircraft: Thor, GPS FASER Pilot: Arion Mangio (driver) Flights: 2, both Thor & GPS FASER Weather Sunny, temps around 70F. METAR (St. Paul Downtown): KSTP 311453Z 02008KT 10SM CLR 14/04 A3007 RMK AO2 SLP181 T01390039 51005 Adhika, Andrei, Arion, Ryan C., Stephen L., Tim and Will arrived at Mile Drive at 10 am to run some tests related to the GPS capabilities of Thor. Both airplanes were strapped down to the bed of Arion's truck, which he drove in two different patterns. All flight ops ran smoothly. The main objective for this flight test was to obtain and compare joint IMU and GPS data from Thor and GPS FASER, as well as from an additional working GPS sensor strapped on the back of Thor. The first run consisted of driving up and down Mile Drive road, which is a straight, mainly flat, gravel road. The truck drove several laps up and down the road, only stopping to turn around. The second run consisted of driving on four different roads that formed a rectangular pattern. The truck drove two laps around the pattern, stopping at intersections. The software used for this flight was trunk/Software/FlightCode rev 842 for GPS FASER, and trunk/Software/FlightCode rev 841 for Thor.

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