Lucy Craft Laney Campus Redesign Master Plan

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Lucy Craft Laney Campus Redesign Master Plan

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The Lucy Craft Laney School is a 2-story, 1,000-student school building that was constructed in 2001. Located along Penn Avenue north of Lowry in North Minneapolis, the school is adjacent to Cleveland Park and 1 block northeast of the now-demolished Cleveland School. Lucy Craft Laney, the school's namesake, was a gifted and dedicated 19th century educator. Ms. Laney's committment to students, learning and literacy motivated her to found the Haines Institute, a school for African American children. The Haines school offered courses in Latin, liberal arts and the building trades and sent many of its students to college. It is hoped as a part of this plan that the legacy of Ms. Laney can be memorialized. In the Summer of 2009, the Cleveland Neighborhood Association (CNA), who offices in a wing at the south end of the school, launched a long-term visioning process to plan for the future of the Lucy Craft Laney school grounds. CNA organized a steering committee comprised of residents from the neighborhood and school administration. With the assistance of a consultant and input from neighborhood residents, the committee prepared this master plan as a guide for future improvements to the school grounds. Through an ongoing partnership with Minneapolis Public Schools, the Lucy Craft Laney Redesign Steering Committee (LCLsc), with support from CNA, will act as stewards for this plan through the implementation process. Implementation will require support from dozens of outside organizations, agencies and volunteers. The master plan will serve as a foundation for these efforts.

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Conducted on behalf of Cleveland Neighborhood Association. Supported by Neighborhood Partnerships for Community Research (NPCR), a program of the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA), University of Minnesota.

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