A Framework for Assessing Public Private Partnerships

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A Framework for Assessing Public Private Partnerships

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Edward Elgar Publishers




This paper examines in detail Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), discussing their main objectives, implementations and challenges. The possible joint venture between the government and private companies when establishing a PPP is addressed, and an analytical approach to evaluate a PPP measure of success (M) is proposed. Applications of PPP are described, giving special attention to American and European experiences. It concludes by examining future extensions of the analytical Measure of Success of a PPP and what lies ahead for future PPP implementations.


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Levinson, David, Reinaldo C. Garcia, and Kathy Carlson (2007) A Framework for Assessing Public Private Partnerships. in Institutions and Regulatory Reform in Transport (ed. Piet Rietveld and Roger Stough) Edward Elgar Publishers

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Levinson, David M; Garcia, Reinaldo C.; Carlson, Kathy. (2007). A Framework for Assessing Public Private Partnerships. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy, https://hdl.handle.net/11299/179952.

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