AirTAP Fall Forum 2005

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AirTAP Fall Forum 2005

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Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota


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The inaugural AirTAP Fall Forum brought together Minnesota aviation personnel from a cross-section of the industry to address challenging issues in airport administration, operations, and maintenance. Participants heard from aviation experts on topics that ranged from attracting business to airports, setting rates and charges, and meeting FAA minimum standards to controlling wildlife, keeping runways safe, and using the AirTAP marketing toolkit. Sponsors of this forum included CTS, AirTAP, the Mn/DOT Office of Aeronautics, and the Federal Aviation Administration.


Sessions Included: Opening and Welcome; MnDOT land use study; State and national policy and trends; Hanger maintenance; Setting good airport policy; Grounds maintenance; Insurance and liability; Overview of the Brainerd Airport Construction project; Conversations with Jeff Hamiel; Fall and Winter runway maintenance; Your airport's economic impact; You ask the questions: FAA and MnDOT provide the answers; Inside the Fence: Runway safety issues

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Minnesota AirTAP; Minnesota Department of Transportation - Aeronautics; Federal Aviation Administration; Minnesota Council of Airports

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