The Future of Medicaid Expansion

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The Future of Medicaid Expansion

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The debate over whether or not to proceed with Obamacare is shifting toward new ideas for its operations. Arkansas is developing one of the most innovative — a premium assistance program that allows new Medicaid funding to be directed toward purchasing private insurance on state health insurance exchanges. Meanwhile, Republican Governors in several states from Wisconsin to Indiana to Pennsylvania are widening coverage to Medicaid without adopting Obamacare's expansion. What are lessons for Minnesota? PROGRAM Welcome and Introduction Scott Keefer, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Overview: What States Are Doing Deborah Bachrach, Partner, Manatt State Innovation: Relying on Private Markets — The Premium Assistance Approach Andy Allison, former Medicaid Director, Arkansas Brett Davis, former Medicaid Director, Wisconsin The Minnesota Agenda Lucinda Jesson, Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Human Services Matt Dean, (R), Minnesota House of Representatives moderated by Professor Larry Jacobs ABOUT THE SERIES: For generations, Minnesota has championed public-private solutions to challenges that affect our state's health care system. This approach, praised nationally as the "Minnesota Model", merges private sector innovation and public policy in order to make health care as efficient and effective as possible for the greatest number of people. In the spirit of this strong tradition of collaboration, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota and the Humphrey School's Center for the Study of Politics and Governance at the University of Minnesota are continuing a series of public forums on how best to implement health care reform at the state level. By fostering discussions among local policy makers, stakeholders, and citizens, these conversations explore opportunities for ensuring Minnesota's legacy as a leader in health and health care. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, a non-profit health company, is dedicated to engaging people from all communities and sharing ideas about how to create a healthy future for all Minnesotans. The Center for the Study of Politics and Governance develops practical, independent, and non-partisan solutions to pressing political and policy challenges. CSPG brings together three critical components of public governance today: objective high quality analysis, publicly visible forums, and civic engagement.

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