Exploring the Nexus of Telemedicine and Written Mobile Communications


Exploring the Nexus of Telemedicine and Written Mobile Communications

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There is plentiful research covering how we write for mobile, as well as how mobile users write, process, and synthesize information on a screen. There is also a substantial amount of research covering the outcomes telemedicine, or the use of electronic information and communication technologies to supply and support health care services when distance separates participants (Luyegu 2017). However, it is unknown what research exists at the nexus of these two fields. This systematic literature review focuses on discovering research that covers telemedicine and written mobile communications. The review looks to discover what literature, if any, exists, and how it can inform future written communication work in the healthcare and mobile shared space. The review found that no literature currently exists, and future research must occur in this field due to the rapid growth of telemedicine and mobile device usage.


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Gresbrink, Emily K. (2019). Exploring the Nexus of Telemedicine and Written Mobile Communications. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy, https://hdl.handle.net/11299/202762.

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