Chronic pain: information resources on the internet

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Chronic pain: information resources on the internet

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Chronic pain is pain that lasts longer than one month after onset, or pain that recurs after onset of injury or illness. Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain conditions, whether from diseases such as diabetes or HIV infection, or as a result from injured nerves, bones, or other tissues. The socioeconomic burden of chronic pain is immense. Estimates of the economic impact alone from healthcare expenses, lost productivity, and lost wages are $100 billion annually. This article provides a general overview of non-cancer causes of chronic pain symptoms, conditions, disease burden, and treatments. Authoritative web sites for chronic pain information and patient resources are included.


This journal article describes authoritative web sites for information on chronic pain conditions, treatment, and support groups.

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McGuire LA. Chronic pain: information resources on the Internet. Journal of Consumer Health on the Internet 2010 42(1):42-50.

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McGuire, Lisa A. (2010). Chronic pain: information resources on the internet. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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