A Conflict Analysis of Two Chinese Sport Organizations

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A Conflict Analysis of Two Chinese Sport Organizations


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Using Robbins and Judges’ (2010) Five Stages Conflict Model, this study investigated the conflict that arose between two Chinese sports organizations regarding the transfer of a professional team. A single case study design was used that utilized interviews to gain an understanding of the causes of the conflict, the processes of conflict, and the outcomes of the conflict. Semi structured phone interviews were conducted with six participants included three individuals associated with each of the two organizations to provide a recollection of the conflict from both perspectives. Using an interview guide participants were asked to describe the causes, process and outcomes of this conflict case. The findings showed that the conflict was caused by lack of communication, incompatible government regulations, goal incompatibility and ambiguity of organizations sector conflicting management strategies were observed between the two organizations in order to fulfill their own intentions including: problem solving, expansion of resources, authoritative command, compromise and bringing in outsiders. In order to resolve the conflict outside actors were needed to manage the conflict. Finally, it is important to analyze the outcomes of the conflict for each party in order to prevent this conflict from occurring again in the future. The findings also showed in order for the two organizations to collaborate harmoniously they should identify a common goal from the beginning. This research concludes that the government should have specifically clarified their regulations for publicly owned basketball teams and the specific sector to which the basketball team belonged should have been identified beforehand. For future collaboration between two or more Chinese sports organizations, the findings of this study may help to develop a model that will prevent conflict and promote harmonious cooperation.



University of Minnesota M.A. thesis. 2015. Major: Kinesiology. Advisor: Lisa Kihl. 1 computer file (PDF); viii, 105 pages.

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