Constituent space: re-theorizing the geographies of contestation and control.

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Constituent space: re-theorizing the geographies of contestation and control.

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This dissertation analyzes contemporary contentious politics through a qualitative study of the mobilization against the 2008 Republican National Convention (2008 RNC) that was held in St. Paul, Minnesota from September 1-4, 2008. Empirically this study contributes to the emerging literatures in geography on social movements and social control. At the theoretical level this dissertation is an attempt to expound on recent incitements that neoliberal capitalism should be studied through its articulation with the myriad contestations that constantly emerge in reaction to, in relation with, or alongside of it. I contribute to this project through an engagement with some theoretical concepts that have been developed within the trajectory of Autonomous Marxism, including constituent and Constituted forms of power, biopolitics, and governmentalities and counter-conducts, as well as developing a geographical theory of constituent space.


University of Minnesota Ph.D. dissertation. January 2011. Major: Geography. Advisor: Helga Leitner. 1 computer file (PDF); iv, 217 pages.

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