CHGS Newsletter - Spring/Summer 1999 - Vol. 2 Iss. 2

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CHGS Newsletter - Spring/Summer 1999 - Vol. 2 Iss. 2

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Spring/ Summer 1999 includes: The Situation in Kosovo, Denialist and Revisionist Activities in Minnesota and Wisconsin, Denial on the WWW, Human Rights Day, Philadelphia's Monument to Armenian History and Genocide, the Absence/Presence Exhibition, Peter Balakian Speaks about Armenia, Christoph Meili, Representing Native American History, Japan, China and Unit 731, Elie Wiesel, Different Perspectives on Genocide: Famine, Director Comments on Holocaust Denial and the New McCarthyism, The Continuing Saga of Switzerland, the Banks and the Holocaust, Norway: Coming to Terms with Its Past, Sweden's Living History Project, France, the Banks and the Holocaust, Germany - VW - Slave Labor, Austria Hands Over Skulls of Polish Nazi Victims, Latvia Waffen SS Soldiers Justify Their Actions, Britain and War Crimes, Germany-US Neo-Nazi Connection, Israel Launched Nazi Victim Name Campaign, The Walser-Bubis Debate, U.S. Launches New Search for Holocaust Assets, Sakic War Crimes Trial Starts in Zagreb, Profiles of Genocide: Slobodan Milosevic, Why Study the Holocaust?, Yaffa Eliach Remembers Kristallnacht and Eishyshok, History, Memory, and Racism: The Roma in Europe, The Harmonists: and The Rise and Fall of Pre-WWII German Vocal Group.



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