University of Minnesota Experimental Forests project activity summary for 2022

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University of Minnesota Experimental Forests project activity summary for 2022

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This report provides an end-of-year update of the status of projects across the Experimental Forests network that were considered Active in 2022 in the project records data management system. A total of 103 projects had a status of either Active or Long-term during 2022. Projects had 62 unique leaders. A total of 44 projects has a primary purpose categorized as Research, 26 as Demonstration/Case Study/Monitoring, 18 as Teaching/Education/Outreach, eight as Other, and seven as Management. Eighteen new projects were accessioned into the project records database, seventeen of which had their status transition from Proposed to Active. All project leaders were contacted to submit a year-end status update for each project through a Google Form-based year end check-in survey. A total of 87 projects had their status updated through survey responses and 16 were updated through other forms of communication. At the end of the check-in, 87 projects retained a status of Active, 11 projects a status of Complete, and five a status of Long-term, meaning that they have been Active for 10 or more years.


This work is funded through the salaries provided to Experimental Forests Forest Management and Research group staff members through the UMN CFANS Research and Outreach Centers.

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Gill, Kyle G; Olesiak, Rachael A. (2023). University of Minnesota Experimental Forests project activity summary for 2022. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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