The Development of Ethnic Identity in the Attendance of Culture Camp

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The Development of Ethnic Identity in the Attendance of Culture Camp

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This study examines ethnic identity in the attendance of Korean culture camp. Past literature has shown cultural and racial socialization is connected with positive ethnic identity. In addition, past literature has shown that positive ethnic identity is related to healthy adjustment and development. The study used use teen Korean adoptees (N=240) collected from the International Adoption Project as participants. I hypothesized that participants who attend Korean culture camp will have a higher positive ethnic identity than those who do not attend a culture camp. Ethnic identity was measured with the Multigroup Ethnic Identity Measure (MEIM). Results found that adoptees who attended a culture camp had higher scores on the MEIM. This study supports past findings that found attending culture activities is associated with higher ethnic identity scores. The study also proposes new directions future research should examine in the complex development of ethnic identity in adoptees.


Additional contributor: Richard Lee (faculty mentor).

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