Report of the Study Committee on University Hospital Governance

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Report of the Study Committee on University Hospital Governance

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University of Minnesota





The appointment of this Committee followed a resolution from the Hospital Board which, in requesting this review, noted that the traditional policies, programs and operating practices suitable in the 1970s must evolve to meet the new challenges to the health care system which will increasingly face all hospitals in the 1980s, particularly those in academic health centers. The resolution also identified a series of issues in Hospital governance including Board of Governors size, composition and skills, chairmanship, policy development authority, and reporting relationships of the Chief Executive Officer. To this end, a recommendation was made to address these issues within the context of the Board of Governors relationship with the Board of Regents, through a Study Committee of Governors and Regents.

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University of Minnesota. Study Committee on University Hospital Governance. (1982). Report of the Study Committee on University Hospital Governance. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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