Normal Foliar Nutrient Levels in North American Forest Trees

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Normal Foliar Nutrient Levels in North American Forest Trees

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Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station


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Numerous forest tree species native to the North America continent have been introduced Into other regions of the woirld with varying degrees of success. In several instances, nutrition problems in these introductions have become apparent only in later stages of stand development, or in second generation stands, after large acreages have been planted. The economic implications of growth stagnation or plantation failure In these situations could become a threat to national resource development programs. Monitoring the nutrient status of introduced trees should provide early warnings of nutrient problems, thereby enabling appropriate remedial action. Foliar analysis has been widely used in North America to assess the nutrient status of forest trees. This publication briefly discusses foliar analysis principles. This publication also provides a table summarizing much of the published literature, as of 1988, for the more common forest tree species native to North America. The -normal" foliar nutrient levels reported are for the essential elements that most commonly limit tree growth. These summarized values should provide forest researchers and managers with comparative data for healthy trees growing on their native sites, thereby enabling an assessment of the nutrient status of North American species introduced into other regions.



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Blinn, Charles R.; Bucker, Edward R.. (1989). Normal Foliar Nutrient Levels in North American Forest Trees. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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