Thor Flight 69



Thor Flight 69

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Andrei, Arion, and Will arrived at ACRC around 3:00pm to obtain fault detection data from Thor. Three tests were conducted in which artificial faults were injected into one of the ailerons, and into the roll rate signal during a roll angle tracking pattern. After these three tests, there was time and batteries for one more test, so a new waypoint tracking pattern was successfully tested. All flight ops ran smoothly. Software used for this flight was trunk/Software/FlightCode rev 907 Each of the three fault detection tests consisted of six different fault cases, each being repeated 3 times. The first two cases were unfaulted scenarios to compare to. The next four cases inject an aileron fault 7 seconds after autopilot (A/P) is engaged, and a -80 deg/sec roll rate impulse fault 12 seconds after A/P is engaged. The third case aileron fault is a ramp of 5 degrees for 13 seconds. Case four is a 13 second, 10 degree right aileron fault. Case five is a 5 deg impulse fault on the right aileron, and case six is a 10 deg impulse fault on the right aileron. During each case, a roll angle tracking pattern was conducted using a different baseline controller for each flight. Thor flight 69 used the standard baseline controller, baseline_control. The other software modules used for each fault detection flight were fault_onerate, fault_onesurf, phi_pattern_cmd, and EKF_15state.

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