Twelfth Annual Report Water Resources Research Center

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Twelfth Annual Report Water Resources Research Center

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Water Resources Research Center, University of Minnesota


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The :fiscal year 1976 budget of the Center was $271,079. The Center Supported 9 research projects involving, 9 faculty members. These research projects were concerned with: developing a water resources research plan for Minnesota; developing indices for establishing water supply quality status and trends in Minnesota; analyses of organic carbon as a pollution index in Minnesota; bio-manipulation of Minnesota lakes for elimination blue-green algae; social trends of water quality status and trends in Minnesota; assessment of water quality status and trends in Minnesota by remote sensing techniques; feasibility using iron-ore overburden material as a media for disposal of secondary sewage effluent in northeastern Minnesota; effects of silt and turbidity from agricultural drainage on benthic invertebrates in streams in western Minnesota; and effects of' drainage projects on surface runoff from wetland topography of the North Central Region. About 30 students received employment through the Center’s program. During fiscal year 1976, there were 18 reports generated through research projects


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Water Resources Research Center

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Water Resources Research Center. 1976. Twelfth Annual Report. Water Resources Research Center.

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