Minutes: Senate Consultative Committee: April 17, 1986

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Minutes: Senate Consultative Committee: April 17, 1986

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University of Minnesota






1. Minutes of March 6 (sent previously). 2. Reports: A. CtF Special Committee on Minority Programs. Prof. Merwin. B. Governance Subcommittee. Ms. Hanson. C. Finance Committee. Prof. Merwin. D. SSCC Chair. Mr. St. Laurent. E. SCC Chair. Prof. Stuthman. F. Reports from Regents meetings. 3. Nominating a vice chair for the Senate and Assembly. 4. SpecialCommittee on Child Care. Guest: Professor Margery Durham, Chair. (Note: copies of the final form of the Committee's report vill be sent to sec members.) 5. Civil Service Committee representation: the Williams Committee report. (Note: members see enclosed table on committee composition) 6. Senate and Assembly docket for April 17: sec needs to verify . support for Committee on Committees' motions on bylaws and rules amendments. 7. Senate and Assembly business anticipated for May 15 meetings. 8. Accreditation site visit follow-up. 9. Other business.

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