Manufactured Home Park Policy Best Practices for Comprehensive Plan Updates

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Manufactured Home Park Policy Best Practices for Comprehensive Plan Updates

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This project is part of All Parks Alliance for Change's initiative for engaging the comprehensive planning update process in communities around the Metro area. The projects provides four product deliverables for All Parks Alliance for Change (APAC). This includes (1) policy suggestions and comprehensive language that protects residents of manufactured homes and promotes manufactured housing as a smart, cost effective kind of affordable housing in the Twin Cities; (2) demographic and rent analysis of specific metro-area communities with Manufactured Home Parks in Blaine, Burnsville, Inver Grove Heights, Lakeville, Maplewood, and Shakopee; (3) a 'Best Practices' section of the report that outlines strategies, ordinances, and laws that communities can take to protect existing affordable housing stock, improve resident experience, and promote manufactured housing; (4) a spreadsheet to track APAC's engagement with these communities to include estimated dates that communities are beginning their comp planning process, based upon conversations intiated by CURA researchers. These project deliverables will be sent to cities to identify current protections for manufactured home owners.

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Cowgill, Jonathan; Lovelace, Hilary. (2016). Manufactured Home Park Policy Best Practices for Comprehensive Plan Updates. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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