CURA Reporter [Fall/Winter 2008]

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CURA Reporter [Fall/Winter 2008]

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University of Minnesota


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This issue contains the following articles: The Emerging Markets Homeownership Initiative: Pilot Organization and Participant Experiences, by Becky L. Yust, Marilyn J. Bruin, Sarah J. Bellefuil, and Bernice Dodor / New Journal: The Journal of Transport and Land Use / CarFit Minnesota: Community Engagement in Action, by Erica Stern / Latina Mothers' Perceptions of the Minnesota Healthcare System: Examining the Spillover Effects of Uninsurance on Healthcare Access, Quality, and Cost, by Carolyn Garc'a, José A. Pagán, Rachel Hardeman, and Alyssa Banks / Manufactured Housing in Minnesota, by Leigh Rosenberg, Warren Kramer, and Margaret Kaplan / Program Evaluation at the U / 2008-2009 Faculty Research Awards / Assessment of Local Governments' Capacity to Conserve Open Space and Natural Areas in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, by Jenna O. Fletcher / Happy 40th Birthday, CURA! / Project Funding Available from CURA. (For abstracts of articles, conduct a new search for the author or title of the article you are interested in.)


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