Co-parenting Conversation Process: A Qualitative Study of Singaporean Parents

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Co-parenting Conversation Process: A Qualitative Study of Singaporean Parents

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Although co-parenting in two-parent families has been an increasingly important area of research, little is known about the co-parenting conversation as a crucial aspect of co-parenting. This study used grounded theory methodology to explore how Chinese Singaporean parents perceive their co-parenting conversations in light of the influence of their families-of-origin. Interviews were conducted with mothers and fathers in sixteen families. Findings revealed a central category, Conversations along the Co-parenting Journey, and two main categories, conversations that connect and collaborate in co-parenting, and conversations on family heritage and practices. A substantive theory of co-parenting conversation process was generated from the synthesis of the findings. This study serves as the foundation for future research in co-parenting conversation, and its implications for clinicians and researchers are presented and discussed.


University of Minnesota Ph.D. dissertation. August 2015. Major: Family Social Science. Advisor: William Doherty. 1 computer file (PDF); viii, 51 pages.

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