St. Anthony West Housing Tenure and Density Project.

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St. Anthony West Housing Tenure and Density Project.

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St. Anthony West, Sheridan, and Bottineau neighborhoods were interested in information on housing density, the percentage and locations of renters vs. homeowners, homeownership rates, and land use related to housing--specifically in connection with discussions of a large rental project coming to one of the neighborhoods. They were also interested in seeing Census tables on median income throughout the neighborhoods. A series of maps were created for use at neighborhood annual meeting. Also included were tables from the City of Minneapolis Census 2000 site showing basic demographic information and change in neighborhood characteristics from 1990-2000. The project showed that homeownership rates are lower than expected and lower than preferred by the neighborhoods, and that potential exists for high-density housing.

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Prepared on behalf of the St. Anthony West neighborhood by the Minneapolis Neighborhood Information System (MNIS), administered by the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs at the University of Minnesota.

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Minneapolis Neighborhood Information System. (2003). St. Anthony West Housing Tenure and Density Project.. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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