Community Profile - Iron Range, St. Louis County, Minnesota

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Community Profile - Iron Range, St. Louis County, Minnesota

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This “Community Profile: Iron Range” report is a graphical and statistical portrait of St. Louis County Iron Range communities derived from various sources of federal, state, and county data. The report provides a beginning point for community discussion and more comprehensive community assessment. There are currently more than 20 large scale development and expansion projects at various stages of development across the Iron Range. These projects represent the highest concentration of large scale projects since the 1970s, with the potential investment of up to $5 billion. Successful projects will result in construction jobs, permanent jobs and the expansion of ancillary services.” This report contains a demographic snapshot of residents, along with key economic indicators (employment and wages, housing stock, education etc.). There is almost no reference in the document to environmental resources except in the section concerning “Vacant Land”: “The following maps are for illustrative purposes to show vacant land (parcels without structures) available for various types of development across communities on the Iron Range. These areas have potential for development if zoning and other regulations allow it. It should be noted that various parcels could have challenges such as wetlands, bluffs, and floodplains.”


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St. Louis County Planning Department. (2007). Community Profile - Iron Range, St. Louis County, Minnesota. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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