Eating Healthfully

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Eating Healthfully

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Journal of Opinions, Ideas & Essays (JOIE)




Ideas and/or diets for either normal weight maintenance or to lose weight are presented. Works by Michael Pollan, Mark Bittman, and Dr. Robert Atkins are mainly considered. Pollan describes and critiques the method of meat production by corn feeding of cattle in feedlots which has replaced meat produced from grass grazing animals. He lists criteria to use for choosing healthy food and why he became a vegetarian. His do’s and don’ts sum up some of his thinking. A dietary scheme of vegan before 6 PM and more typical food afterwards is how Bittman views a plan for both healthy eating and weight reduction. Samples of his recipes for both the vegan and afterward phases are outlined. Dr. Atkins’s sugar-restricted diet reported back in the late 1940s and early 1950s was extremely popular. He built a nutritional institute which early on made him a millionaire, but eventually went bankrupt. Bad publicity concerning his death and the realization that abolishing dietary sugar was unhealthful probably were responsible for his downfall. His diet is effective in causing significant weight loss, but in long term is considered unsound. My own reason for seeking a reduction in abdominal fat led to my limiting sugar for about one year. Indeed weight loss was achieved, but not noticeably in the abdominal area. Lastly, a husband and wife, the Bergs of LITTLE BEND HERITAGE FARM located in Minnesota, are producing heritage foods and listed the recipe for a very good one. Their Bean and Ham soup appealed to me. As it was easy to make with excellent results, I included the recipe here.


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