Minnesota Toward Zero Deaths: 2007

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Minnesota Toward Zero Deaths: 2007

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Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota




Sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety and the Minnesota Toward Zero Deaths Program. The conference brings together transportation safety stakeholders from Minnesota and beyond to share best practices in the areas of engineering, enforcement, education, and emergency services, and to chart the course for a future where traffic fatalities and life-changing injuries are rare events.


Sessions Included: Welcome and Opening remarks; Opening Plenary: case study of the Ted Foss crash; Luncheon Plenary: special award presentation to local media; Roundabouts: answers to traffic safety; Reintegration to traffic safety; Meet the press: inside the newsroom; Get moving - jump on the TZD bandwagon; Innovative impaired driving initiatives; Rural safety issues: a preview; More highway madness: highway incident management; Best practices in traffic enforcement: the Anoka county NightCAP project; Public/Private partnerships; EMT response times and trauma facts; Proactive low - cost safety initiatives; The fountain of youth; All you have to do is ask; Crash course in safety improvements; Closing Plenary - The loss of a child

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Minnesota Toward Zero Deaths Program; Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Transportation and Health.

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