Cook County Dairy Market Survey and Business Plan

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Cook County Dairy Market Survey and Business Plan

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University of Minnesota Duluth




The University of Minnesota Duluth Labovitz School’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research (BBER) was requested to assist Cook County to evaluate the idea of developing a small sustainable dairy. Two surveys were designed and implemented in Cook County: A survey of demand—Cook County Dairy Market Survey (Customers) featuring a cash-drawing incentive for participation, and a survey of potential distributors—Cook County Dairy Market Survey (Businesses). Data were collected during the fall of 2006 with analysis completed in early 2007. ... In summary there appears to be a viable business opportunity in Cook County for a dairy of this description, but major startup hurdles must be overcome. Once large enough sales and distribution are established, the cooperative can be a valuable contributor to the Cook County economy.


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Skurla, James A; Jacobson, Jean; Lovisolo, Joseph; Jafri, Syed; Linde, Nicholas; Malik, Nitya; Martopullo, Ela; Slegh, David; Cebula, Barbara; Almquist-Minko, Vickie. (2007). Cook County Dairy Market Survey and Business Plan. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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