Changing the Approach to Food Regulation in Minnesota

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Changing the Approach to Food Regulation in Minnesota

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Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture




Accommodating innovation and new business models in the local foods sector in Minnesota is important for increasing local communities’ access to a diversified, culturally appropriate food supply. Many startup food entrepreneurs have difficulty navigating complex, and sometimes contradictory, rules and regulations related to starting and growing a food business in Minnesota. Moreover, regulators are equally frustrated by the difficulties they face trying to explain complex regulations, the inconsistencies of interpretation between agencies, and systemic restraints that limit their ability to be effective educators. With the increase in small business growth, many innovative businesses have struggled to fit within existing food safety and regulatory requirements. Various piecemeal fixes have been created over the years, but the resulting system is cumbersome. To address these issues, the Bush Grant Advisory Committee (BGAC), a team of about 20 professionals who represent government agencies, community nonprofits, the University of Minnesota, and individual businesses oversaw the work of a Bush Community Innovation Grant Project. BGAC members examined potential regulatory and nonregulatory approaches to achieving the vision of a Minnesota system that promotes food safety and economic development through a user-friendly food business regulatory system which is coordinated, reliable and efficient. They developed consensus on structures or processes that may achieve the project goals, and developed strategies to change the environment around regulation in Minnesota.


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