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NOMI Final Report

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The NOMI Project started as a group of real estate professionals and others interested in changing the perception of North Minneapolis through grassroots word of mouth, to be later supplemented by larger efforts in the media. The group distributed brochures listing many of the positive assets of the area. The GLBT Northsiders group conducted a series of Get to NOMI tours for potential homebuyers over the summer of 2008. A research assistant was hired to research economic sustainability and the assets that lead to positive community development. Additionally the student research assistant conducted focus groups to supplement the research and gain information about perceptions of North Minneapolis. The goal of the focus groups was to determine how first-time homebuyers define community assets and what assets are important to them, so that The NOMI Project could use the information to market North Minneapolis as a livable community. The proposed final products were a report that summarizes the findings of the focus groups of first-time homebuyers and the beginnings of an inventory of identified assets in North Minneapolis.

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Conducted on behalf of NOMI. Supported by Neighborhood Partnerships for Community Research (NPCR), a program of the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA), University of Minnesota.

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