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Emergent 1/f noise in systems of oscillating nanomagnetic dots

Costanzi, Barry (2016-08)
The observation of noise signals with a $\frac{1}{f}$ power spectral density dependence on frequency \emph{f} is both ubiquitous in quantitative measurements across fields, and not entirely well understood. So-called ...

Kinetics, mechanisms, and site requirements

DeWilde, Joseph (2016-08)
We report the kinetics, mechanisms, and site densities of parallel ethanol dehydration and dehydrogenation over gamma-alumina (γ-Al2O3), a high surface area and thermally-stable metal oxide used both as a catalyst support ...

Analysis of Proteome-scale Protein Turnover in Arabidopsis thaliana Seedlings and Its Application to the Plant Heat Stress Response

Fan, Kai-Ting (2015-08)
Protein turnover, the balance between protein synthesis and degradation, is an important aspect of the regulation of cellular processes for organisms as they respond to developmental or environmental cues. How proteome ...

Involutions on Baxter Objects and q-Gamma Nonnegativity

Dilks, Kevin (2015-08)
Baxter numbers are known to count several families of combinatorial objects, all of which come equipped with a natural involution. In this paper, we add a combinatorial family to the list, and show that the known bijections ...

Translocating Panicum virgatum L.: Performance, Community Impact and Competitive Outcome

Flint, Shelby (2015-08)
This dissertation elucidates the effects that selection history and foundation-number have on switchgrass vigor and competitiveness, and plant community diversity and performance, so as to help inform germplasm-sourcing ...

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