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UMTC Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)  [1596]

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The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) supports students interested in research and other creative activities, under the guidance of a University of Minnesota Faculty Mentor. Students pursue research in the arts and humanities, the social sciences, the life sciences, and physical sciences and engineering.

Recently Added

Improving compression ratio on human-readable text by masking predictable characters

Trinh, Nam H (2020-10-25)
A text preprocessing algorithm that improved the compression ratio of a standard compression tool, bzip2, was developed. During the preprocessing, characters in the original text files were replaced by a few special ...

Evaluation of a Standardized Parent Education Program to Promote Early Childhood Spanish and English Language Development

Hukriede, Ellie; Kelly, Robin; Elmquist, Marianne; Kuchler, Kirstin; Lease, Erin; McConnell, Scott; Finestack, Liza (2020)

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