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UMTC Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)  [1634]

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The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) supports students interested in research and other creative activities, under the guidance of a University of Minnesota Faculty Mentor. Students pursue research in the arts and humanities, the social sciences, the life sciences, and physical sciences and engineering.

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Climate change, Covid-19, and Environmental Injustice: Understanding the Root Causes and Connections

Badithela, Athreyi S (2021-07-28)
It is speculated that there is a link between climate change, covid-19 and environmental injustice, three of the major problems the world presently faces. This paper explores that link and examines ways that understanding ...

Climate Change, the COVID-19 Pandemic, and Environmental Injustice: Understanding the Root Causes and Interactions

Izar Helfenstein Fonseca, Luisa (2021-07-28)
The following article outlines the findings of a University of Minnesota Undergraduate Research Program whose purpose was to determine the connections and intersections between three of the biggest threats to human health ...

Noun Composition in Ojibwe

Johnson, Hunter, F (2021-06)

Examining the Effects of Serotonin on Medium Spiny Neurons (MSNs)

Belhe, Aishwarya; Tam, Daniel; Lanier, Lorene (2021)
Serotonin is known to be the key hormone in stabilizing our mood and feelings of well-being. The relation of alterations in the levels of serotonin in the central nervous system and depression has been well-established. ...

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