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Computer Science & Engineering (CS&E) Technical Reports  [749]

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Located in this collection are publications by the department, faculty, students, and visiting members.

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Recently Added

Understanding COVID-19 Effects on Mobility: A Community-Engaged Approach

Sharma, Arun; Farhadloo, Majid; Li, Yan; Kulkarni, Aditya; Gupta, Jayant; Shekhar, Shashi (2022)
Given aggregated mobile device data, the goal is to understand the impact of COVID-19 policy interventions on mobility. This problem is vital due to important societal use cases, such as safely reopening the economy. ...

Source Aware Modulation for leveraging limited data from heterogeneous sources

Li, Xiang; Khandelwal, Ankush; Ghosh, Rahul; Renganathan, Arvind; Willard, Jared; Xu, Shaoming; Jia, Xiaowei; Shu, Lele; Teng, Victor; Steinbach, Michael; Nieber, John; Duffy, Christopher; Kumar, Vipin (2021)
In many personalized prediction applications, sharing information between entities/tasks/sources is critical to address data scarcity. Furthermore, inherent characteristics of sources distinguish relationships between input ...

ReaLSAT: A new Reservoir and Lake Surface Area Timeseries Dataset created using machine learning and satellite imagery

Khandelwal, Ankush; Ghosh, Rahul; Wei, Zhihao; Kuang, Huangying; Dugan, Hilary; Hanson, Paul; Karpatne, Anuj; Kumar, Vipin (2020-08-04)
Lakes and reservoirs, as most humans experience and use them, are dynamic three-dimensional bodies of water, with surface levels that rise and fall with seasonal precipitation patterns, long-term changes in climate, and ...

Physics-Guided Anomalous Trajectory Detection: Technical Report

Shrinivasa Nairy, Divya; Adila, Dyah; Li, Yan; Shekhar, Shashi (2020)
Given ship trajectory data for a region, this paper proposes a physics-guided approach to detect anomalous trajectories. This problem is important for detection of illegal fishing or cargo transfer, which cause environmental ...

Vehicle Emissions Prediction with Physics-Aware AI Models: Technical Report

Panneer Selvam, Harish; Li, Yan; Wang, Pengyue; Northrop, William F; Shekhar, Shashi (2020)
Given an on-board diagnostics (OBD) dataset and a physics-based emissions prediction model, this paper aims to develop an accurate and computational-efficient AI (Artificial Intelligence) method that predicts vehicle ...

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