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Computer Science & Engineering (CS&E) Technical Reports  [748]

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Located in this collection are publications by the department, faculty, students, and visiting members.

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Recently Added

Source Aware Modulation for leveraging limited data from heterogeneous sources

Li, Xiang; Khandelwal, Ankush; Ghosh, Rahul; Renganathan, Arvind; Willard, Jared; Xu, Shaoming; Jia, Xiaowei; Shu, Lele; Teng, Victor; Steinbach, Michael; Nieber, John; Duffy, Christopher; Kumar, Vipin (2021)
In many personalized prediction applications, sharing information between entities/tasks/sources is critical to address data scarcity. Furthermore, inherent characteristics of sources distinguish relationships between input ...

ReaLSAT: A new Reservoir and Lake Surface Area Timeseries Dataset created using machine learning and satellite imagery

Khandelwal, Ankush; Ghosh, Rahul; Wei, Zhihao; Kuang, Huangying; Dugan, Hilary; Hanson, Paul; Karpatne, Anuj; Kumar, Vipin (2020-08-04)
Lakes and reservoirs, as most humans experience and use them, are dynamic three-dimensional bodies of water, with surface levels that rise and fall with seasonal precipitation patterns, long-term changes in climate, and ...

Physics-Guided Anomalous Trajectory Detection: Technical Report

Shrinivasa Nairy, Divya; Adila, Dyah; Li, Yan; Shekhar, Shashi (2020)
Given ship trajectory data for a region, this paper proposes a physics-guided approach to detect anomalous trajectories. This problem is important for detection of illegal fishing or cargo transfer, which cause environmental ...

Vehicle Emissions Prediction with Physics-Aware AI Models: Technical Report

Panneer Selvam, Harish; Li, Yan; Wang, Pengyue; Northrop, William F; Shekhar, Shashi (2020)
Given an on-board diagnostics (OBD) dataset and a physics-based emissions prediction model, this paper aims to develop an accurate and computational-efficient AI (Artificial Intelligence) method that predicts vehicle ...

Constellation Plan B Report

Ramkumar, Aravind Alagiri; Sindhu, Rohit; Weissman, Jon (2020-01-03)
Data explosion has been exponential in the last decade. A new and major addition to this phenomenon is the Internet of Things (IoT). With the technology becoming cheap and affordable, there has been a boom in the number ...

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