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Computer Science & Engineering (CS&E) Technical Reports  [745]

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Located in this collection are publications by the department, faculty, students, and visiting members.

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ReaLSAT: A new Reservoir and Lake Surface Area Timeseries Dataset created using machine learning and satellite imagery

Khandelwal, Ankush; Ghosh, Rahul; Wei, Zhihao; Kuang, Huangying; Dugan, Hilary; Hanson, Paul; Karpatne, Anuj; Kumar, Vipin (2020-08-04)
Lakes and reservoirs, as most humans experience and use them, are dynamic three-dimensional bodies of water, with surface levels that rise and fall with seasonal precipitation patterns, long-term changes in climate, and ...

Constellation Plan B Report

Ramkumar, Aravind Alagiri; Sindhu, Rohit; Weissman, Jon (2020-01-03)
Data explosion has been exponential in the last decade. A new and major addition to this phenomenon is the Internet of Things (IoT). With the technology becoming cheap and affordable, there has been a boom in the number ...

Linear Hotspot Discovery on All Simple Paths: A Summary of Results

Tang, Xun; Gupta, Jayant; Shekhar, Shashi (2019-09-10)
Spatial hotspot discovery aims at discovering regions with statistically significant concentration of activities. It has shown great value in many important societal applications such as transportation engineering, public ...

UAV Landing at an Unknown Location Marked by a Radio Beacon

Stefas, Nikolaos; Bayram, Haluk; Isler, Volkan (2019-07-29)
We consider the problem of minimizing the time to approach and land near a target radio beacon at an unknown location with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). We show that a cone-like region exists above the target inside ...

An Approximation Algorithm for Online Coverage Path Planning with the Energy Constraint

Wei, Ming; Isler, Volkan (2019-06-17)
In online coverage path planning, the objective is to plan paths for a robot to visit every point in an unknown environment as quickly as possible. We consider online coverage with an energy constraint which is modeled as ...

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