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Minnesota Sea Grant  [112]

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Minnesota Sea Grant

With nearly 12,000 lakes and a coast on the world's largest body of fresh water, Minnesota possesses a bounty of aquatic and coastal resources. Through scientific research and public education programs, Minnesota Sea Grant works to enhance Minnesota’s coastal environment and economy.

Recently Added

Taking Stock of Coastal Communities Project Citation List

Unknown author (2021-08)
This document contains a list of citations for ten items that are part of or related to the Taking Stock of Coast Communities project that could not be added to the University Digital Conservancy. Primarily these could not ...

Northeastern Carlton County (NECC): Activities, Attitudes and Ratings

Laundergan, J. Clark; Pearson, A. Neil (1974-02)
This 1973 general socio-economic survey of 509 respondents focused on social aspects of the northeastern segment of Carlton County. Only a few questions dealt with natural resources or water resources. 1% (n = 5) reported ...

Bibliography of Water, Land and Socioeconomic Information

Green, Janet C; Grant, Christabel D; Neubert, Barbara A (1974-05)
This bibliography represents a first attempt to identify all the sources of information about the Lake Superior basin in Minnesota that would be useful to planners, managers and researchers from a wide spectrum of disciplines.

Population, Economy, Land Use: Lake Superior Basin Water Quality Management Plan Non-Metro Minnesota Portion

Arrowhead Regional Development Commission (1974-06)
This report examines the population, economy, and land use in the Minnesota non-metropolitan part of the Lake Superior Basin. Its objective is to evaluate existing land use problems and proposed development plans and ...

Erosion Study Aerial Photographs and Documentation

Johnston, Carol; Sales, James; Bonde, John; Aunan, Tim; Raby, Richard (1990)
Aerial photographs and documentation related to: Johnston, Carol; Sales, James; Bonde, John; Aunan, Tim; Raby, Richard. (1990). Erosion Hazard of Minnesota's Lake Superior Shoreline. University of Minnesota. Minnesota Sea ...

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