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Minnesota Sea Grant  [108]

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Minnesota Sea Grant

With nearly 12,000 lakes and a coast on the world's largest body of fresh water, Minnesota possesses a bounty of aquatic and coastal resources. Through scientific research and public education programs, Minnesota Sea Grant works to enhance Minnesota’s coastal environment and economy.

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Erosion Study Aerial Photographs and Documentation

Johnston, Carol; Sales, James; Bonde, John; Aunan, Tim; Raby, Richard (1990)
Aerial photographs and documentation related to: Johnston, Carol; Sales, James; Bonde, John; Aunan, Tim; Raby, Richard. (1990). Erosion Hazard of Minnesota's Lake Superior Shoreline. University of Minnesota. Minnesota Sea ...

Cook County Local Energy Project - Project Resume

Unknown author (2015)
This item contains descriptions of events and projects, with details regarding dates and funding, for aspects of the Cook County Local Energy Project: Project Resume. Dates span 2008-2016.

A Paleolimnological Comparison of Burntside and Shagawa Lakes, Northeastern Minnesota

Bradbury, J. Platt; Waddington, Jean C B (1978-01)
The paleolimnological records of Burntside and Shagawa Lakes in northeastern Minnesota reveal that these two adjacent lakes have been limnologically distinct for many years prior to the late 19th century activities of ...

Wildland Recreation Research in the Western Lake Superior Basin: An Annotated Bibliography

Lime, David W; Fox, Karen M; Jeong, Gang Hoan; Lewis, Michael S (1990)
While this annotated bibliography touches upon visitor use of water resources in coastal areas, it is primarily a recreation/leisure studies document with little detail on coastal water resources. The abstract is reproduced ...

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