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Clinical Symbol Sense Inventory
Moon, Sungrim; Pakhomov, Serguei; Melton, Genevieve (2012)

Clinical Symbol Sense Inventory

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Although clinical texts contain many symbols, relatively little attention has been given to symbol resolution by medical natural language processing (NLP) researchers. Interpreting the meaning of symbols may be viewed as a special case of Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD). One thousand instances of four common non-alphanumeric symbols (‘+’, ‘–’, ‘/’, and ‘#’) were randomly extracted from a clinical document repository and annotated by experts. De-identified data are available for researchers.

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This research was supported by the American Surgical Association Foundation Fellowship, the University of Minnesota Institute for Health Informatics Seed Grant, and by the National Library of Medicine (#R01 LM009623-01).

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Moon, Sungrim; Pakhomov, Serguei; Melton, Genevieve. (2012). Clinical Symbol Sense Inventory. Retrieved from the University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy,

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