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NCED 2010 Annual Report
Foufoula-Georgiou, Efi (National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics, 2010)

NCED 2010 Annual Report

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National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics


Our research is unified by a focus on a fundamental component of the Earth-surface system—channel networks and their surroundings—that recurs in varying but fundamentally related forms across a wide range of environments and scales. Our three research initiatives (“Integrated Programs” or “IPs”) approach channel networks from a source-to-sink perspective, looking at watersheds (Watersheds), individual stream reaches (Streams), and depositional systems (Deltas). Our community engagement activities are led by our Education, Diversity, and Knowledge Transfer Integrated Programs. These three initiatives work in parallel with the research IPs to educate a diverse audience (K-12 students, teachers, and the public) about the importance of understanding and managing the Earth’s surface environment. We transfer our scientific knowledge to practice, foster synergistic collaboration with other community initiatives, and increase participation in science among under-represented groups, with a special focus on Native American communities.

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