When It's Online, Do They Learn?

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When It's Online, Do They Learn?

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St. Paul, MN: University of Minnesota Extension Service




A Web Vista-based online nutrition course was developed and piloted in the Summer of 2008 for newly hired Nutrition Education Assistants (NEAs). The goal of the course was to evaluate NEA knowledge of life cycle nutrition principles and their reactions to web-based trainings. Weekly class format included textbook readings, power point lecture notes, online case study discussions and quizzes. Using information from the course evaluations, the course was updated and again offered in the Winter of 2008-09 and Spring 2009, for both new NEAs and more seasoned NEAs. Improvements to the course included offering Web Vista tutorial information to review before the start of class and offering a Scavenger Hunt to familiarize students with the Web Vista format. Post-course results indicate NEA’s knowledge of nutrition principles for all six life stages improved, confidence levels for navigating an online course increased, and over 80% felt that they could learn as much from an online course as they could in a face to face course. Survey indicates a majority have updated lesson plans or teaching methods; have used/referred to at least one nutrition related website that was discussed/provided in the course; have felt more confident using technology; andfelt more confident in their role as a Nutrition Education Assistant.



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