Explosive Training and the Effect on Measures of Power in Novice Marathoners

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Explosive Training and the Effect on Measures of Power in Novice Marathoners

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Coaches are constantly working to enhance the abilities of their athletes through various training modalities within the current body of training methodologies. However, speculation about proper exercises and volume necessary to achieve positive outcomes are still widely varied. Specifically within the realm of team sports where both endurance and speed components are necessary, like in soccer, lacrosse and basketball, it is essential to spend adequate time under task in both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems in order to achieve positive performance outcomes. Explosive training, involving sprinting and plyometric exercises, have been long been used to improve athletic performance within sports involving power components like jumping, sprinting, and acceleration through changes in direction. This is study aims to understand if one session per week of explosive training will have a positive effect on measures of power determined by the Wingate test after twelve weeks when applied in conjunction with high-volume aerobic training. Twenty-two novice marathon runners participated in the current study and were randomly placed into either the CORE or the PLYO group. Participants were pre- and post-tested in the Wingate test for outcomes in anaerobic capacity (AnC), anaerobic power (AnP) and fatigue index (FI). Results indicated that there was no effect of training type pre- to post-test on AnC (P: 7.79 ± 1.04; 7.98 ± 1.13. C: 7.83 ± 1.34: 7.97 ± 1.25), AnP (P: 9.05 ± 0.95; 9.23 ± 1.10. C: 9.44 ± 1.55; 9.74 ± 1.30), or FI (P: 8.02 ± 2.42; 7.72 ± 1.91. C: 10.06 ± 3.40; 10.59 ± 3.59). Therefore, it may be concluded from the current study that one training session per week of PLYO training is not adequate to make necessary improvements in power. Multiple weekly exposure may be essential to increasing gains in anaerobic power and capacity for sports with both endurance and power components.


University of Minnesota M.S. thesis. March 2015. Major: Kinesiology. Advisor: Stacy Ingraham. 1 computer file (PDF); vii, 50 pages.

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Betker, Morgan. (2015). Explosive Training and the Effect on Measures of Power in Novice Marathoners. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy, https://hdl.handle.net/11299/174732.

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