Redevelopment Sensitivity For The Changing Urban Fabric

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Redevelopment Sensitivity For The Changing Urban Fabric

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Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs


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The future Central Corridor light rail transit (LRT) line provides an opportunity to transform the Twin Cities urban fabric. The Corridor, connecting the two downtowns, includes many destinations such as the University of Minnesota and the State Capitol. New development along the Corridor has the opportunity to utilize transit-oriented design and reduce dependence on the private automobile. This type of development is nothing new to the Twin Cities as it is currently occurring along the Hiawatha LRT line. New physical and economic growth has started to transform this industrial landscape into a mixed use, pedestrian environment. The study area, University Avenue (Lexington Parkway to Rice Street), presents a prime opportunity for transit-oriented development (TOD) to occur (Image: lower right). However, the Central Corridor is not running down a street with a blank slate. Since the early 1900s the area along University Avenue between Lexington Avenue and Rice Street has exhibited a unique community identity. This unique area has been home for several ethnic communities which have seen this area grow and evolve. The purpose of this report is to present a way in which development can occur along University Avenue, between Lexington Parkway and Rice Street which is compatible with the community and supportive of future LRT. The paper will first consider the larger context of the Central Corridor LRT, the physical conditions of the community, and the demographics within the area. Then, there will be an illustration showing the development potential within the project limits. Finally, a site plan will convey a plan for future development within the area.


professional paper for the fulfillment of the Master of Urban and Regional Planning degree

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Rife, Jacob. Redevelopment Sensitivity For The Changing Urban Fabric. March 6 2009. Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs.

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