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Bulletin of the Minnesota Geological and Natural History Survey (1887-2000)  [49]

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Bulletin No. 48. Frederick William Sardeson, Geologist 1866-1958

Weiss, Malcolm P. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 2000)
Frederick W. Sardeson was a highly capable, innovative, productive, and fascinating figure in geology, yet he never enjoyed admiration from most of his contemporaries or lasting distinction in his chosen field. Cut adrift ...

Bulletin No. 47. Bibliography of Minnesota Geology 1981-1985

Swanson, Lynn; Balaban, N.H.; Morey, G.B. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 1987)
This bibliography contains references to the geologic literature on the State of Minnesota issued from 1981 through 1985, as well as omissions from the previous two bibliographies of Minnesota geology: Bulletin 34 (published ...

Bulletin No. 46. Bibliography of Minnesota Geology 1951-1980

Morey, G.B.; Balaban, Nancy; Swanson, Lynn (Minnesota Geological Survey, 1981)
This bibliography brings Minnesota Geological Survey Bulletin 34, "Bibliography of Minnesota Geology," by T.G. Melone and L. W. Weis, published in 1951, up to date. A supplement in 1962, by John F. Splettstoesser and Sally ...

Bulletin No. 45. Progressive Contact Metamorphism of the Biwabik Iron-fomation, Mesabi Range, Minnesota

French, Bevan M. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 1968)
The recent, spectacular growth of the taconite industry, and the expansion of taconite operations from the eastern to the central and western parts of the Mesabi range, emphasizes the importance of knowledge of the geology ...

Bulletin No. 44. Geology of the Duluth Gabbro Complex near Duluth, Minnesota

Taylor, Richard B. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 1964)
Multiple intrusions at Duluth, Minnesota, form a rock series that is here called the Duluth Gabbro Complex. Each of the principal rock types transgresses one or more of the older units. The oldest rock, a coarsegrained ...

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