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Cultural Entrepreneurship Event Posters  [2]

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This collection contains posters from events held and/or sponsored by the Cultural Entrepreneurship Program. The events date from 2019 to the present. Please note that this collection is not comprehensive; other events may have been held and other posters may exist.

Recently Added

Discussion with Local Novelists (2022-03-15)

University of Minnesota Duluth. Cultural Entrepreneurship Program (2022)
Please join UMD's Cultural Entrepreneurship (CUE) program to learn about the creative writing process of two local authors, Keith Loveland and Sarah Seidelmann. What can you learn about yourself and your own creativity from them?

QUO VADIS? German-American Transatlantic Relations in Iconic Media Images – Transition or Crisis? (2019-11-15)

Fitz, Karsten; University of Minnesota Duluth. Department of World Languages and Cultures (2019)