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Data Curation Network Implementation Phase (2018-2021)  [27]

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Research and outputs from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation grant titled "Implementing the Data Curation Network" project that was led by the University of Minnesota Libraries with partners at Cornell University, Dryad Digital Repository, Duke University, Johns Hopkins University, Penn State University, University of Illinois, and the University of Michigan

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Recently Added

The Data Curation Network: Extending the Research Data Toolkit

Johnston, Lisa R; Coburn, Elizabeth; Kozlowski, Wendy; Hadley, Hannah (2020-06)

An Update on Data Curation Primers: Collaborative Resources for Data Curators

Hudson Vitale, Cynthia; Hadley, Hannah; Herndon, Joel; Darragh, Jennifer; Lafferty-Hess, Sophia; Johnston, Lisa R; Hunt, Shanda; Blake, Mara; Fearon, Dave; Moore, Jennifer; Carlson, Jake; Borda, Susan; Kozlowski, Wendy (2020-03)

Facilitating Connections Through the Data Curation Network

Coburn, Elizabeth; Marsolek, Wanda; Wilson, Katie (2020-03)

Collective Curation: An update from the Data Curation Network

Johnston, Lisa R; Blake, Mara; Hadley, Hannah (2020-02)

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