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Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI)  [687]

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Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI) is a well-recognized model for University research, innovation and outreach in which the Institute collaborates with its partners (including industry, government, universities, tribes, agencies and communities) in fostering a sustainable, more diversified economy and a healthy environment. The effort will be based on both research to make informed economic and environmental decisions and on an integrated effort to provide the range of outreach services necessary for technology development and transfer, business development and experiential learning in the context of informed environmental stewardship.

Recently Added

Comparison of hybrid poplar wood breakeven prices as affected by current and improved genetics

Lazarus, William F; Nelson, Neil D; Jackson, Jeffrey; Berguson, William E; McMahon, Bernard G; Buchman, Daniel; Cai, Meijun (University of Minnesota Duluth, 2021-05)
The impact of improved genetics from the University of Minnesota Duluth Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI) hybrid poplar breeding program on breakeven hybrid poplar wood prices is discussed in this paper. After a ...

Stormwater Planning Initiative Project – Stormwater Management Planning Guide and Landowner-friendly IMS website tool

Host, George E; Hale, Cindy; Collins, Pat; Geissler, John; Axler, Richard P; Schomberg, Jesse; Granley, Mindy; Sjerven, Gerald; Brown, Terry (University of Minnesota Duluth, 2007-06-30)
Individual landowners in rapidly growing areas of the North Shore Community are increasingly required to create stormwater management plans (SMPs) prior to building. Planning development with stormwater runoff in mind is ...

Intellectual Property in the NRRI Hybrid Poplar Program – Inventory, Commercialization Plan, and Progress Report

Nelson, Neil D; Berguson, William E; McMahon, Bernard G; Jackson, Jeffrey; Buchman, Daniel; DuPlissis, John; White, Timothy W (University of Minnesota Duluth, 2021-02)
Intellectual property in the NRRI hybrid poplar program was analyzed, and elite clones were prioritized for plant patent applications to the USPTO. Clones were selected in two hybrid categories, Populus deltoides x Populus ...

Chemical Products from Peat Project

Passer, Moses (University of Minnesota Duluth, 1957-04)

Annual Report FY2020 (July 2019-June 2020)

University of Minnesota Duluth. Natural Resources Research Institute (University of Minnesota Duluth, 2020)

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