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Natural Resources Research Institute  [431]

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Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI) is a well-recognized model for University research, innovation and outreach in which the Institute collaborates with its partners (including industry, government, universities, tribes, agencies and communities) in fostering a sustainable, more diversified economy and a healthy environment. The effort will be based on both research to make informed economic and environmental decisions and on an integrated effort to provide the range of outreach services necessary for technology development and transfer, business development and experiential learning in the context of informed environmental stewardship.

Recently Added

Semi-Annual Report (2004:July-Dec.)

University of Minnesota, Natural Resources Research Institute (University of Minnesota. Natural Resources Research Institute, 2004)
Report that highlights NRRI's programs for the second half of 2004.

Considerations in the Management of Young Red Pine Stands: Implications to Growth, Yield and Economics

Berguson, Bill; Buchman, Dan (2017-06-27)
There are a variety of ways to manage red pine (Pinus resinosa Ait.) ranging from intensive management of fully-stocked stands for the primary purpose of timber production to less intensive approaches aimed at increasing ...

Pre-Treatment Assessment of Habitat and Biota in the Knife River Mainstem, MN

Dumke, Josh; Kelly, Holly W (2017-03)
Pre-restoration surveys are important for demonstrating the effectiveness of restoration activities. Good documentation of stream condition, and the organisms that live there, allow post-restoration comparisons, assessment ...

GIS and Modeling in Ecological Studies: Analysis of Beaver Pond Impacts on Runoff and its Quality

Nawrocki, Tatiana; Johnston, Carol; Sales, James (1994-02)
The ARC/INFO GRID module was used to derive watershed variables for input to AGNPS, a cell-based runoff model that estimates water volume, peak flow, eroded and delivered sediment, chemical oxygen demand, and nutrient ...

Semi-Annual Report (2003:Jan.-June)

University of Minnesota. Natural Resources Research Institute (University of Minnesota. Natural Resources Research Institute, 2003)
Report that highlights NRRI's programs for the first half of 2003.

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